Taste does not happen by chance

Imagine you could go to your garden anytime you felt like eating fresh fruit and vegetables. In the morning you would pick an intense apple for breakfast, at lunchtime a couple of fresh peppers for your favourite recipe, some crunchy cherries in between, and in the evening a fruity pineapple as a bedtime sweet. That is exactly what we at SanLucar do for you. We harvest all over the world ripe and tasteful fruit and vegetables so that, anytime you look for something crunchy, fresh, juicy and fruity, you get what you deserve: Taste you can trust.

Our quality philosophy is based on these pillars:

• We work together with veteran partners – our expert growers – in over 30 countries.

• We cultivate in areas where optimal growing conditions for our fruit prevail.

• We combine centuries of experience and growing tradition with the latest agricultural techniques and knowledge.

• We always have an eye on our fruit – from the thorough selection of the orchards and seedlings, through the harvest at the right time, to the careful transport to you.

• We cultivate our products in harmony with man and nature.

Careers at SanLucar: Are you looking for the fruitiest job in the world?

Are fruit and vegetables your passion? Then you are at the right place!

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  • Business: Do you want to become a SanLucar Partner?

    We want to delight consumers. You can also become part of SanLucar success!

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  • Corporate Responsibility at SanLucar: Sustainably it tastes better

    We focus on responsibility – from the selection of the cultivation areas until the product gets to your shopping basket.

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  • Communication: SanLucar talks about itself

    Twitter, videos or radio ads to keep you updated on SanLucar world.

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  • SanLucar Promise: Quality you can trust

    From the selection of the cultivation areas to independent controls – only the best is worth considering for our fruit and customers.

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  • SanLucar History: On behalf of taste – from the beginning

    Since its foundation in 1993 SanLucar stands for the best taste in harmony with man and nature.

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