SanLucar Grapes – unique fresh pleasure from nature

Our tasty grapes come along the year from Italy, South Africa, Chile, Brazil and Egypt, so you can find this fresh and enjoyable fruit at the SanLucar dealer you trust anytime you feel like eating the little pearls.

A family devoted to grapes

In summer and autumn SanLucar bunches come from our veteran expert grower Giuliano in the southern Italian province of Bari. The life of Giuliano, SanLucar expert grower family, is completely devoted to grapes. And so has it been for over 40 years. As one of the first farmers in the Apulien Region, Vito Giuliano’s grandfather started growing table grapes. Nowadays, “Giuliano Grapes“ are a concept of quality throughout Italy. In the process, the grower dynasty deals in the same respectful way with human beings and nature as with the flavourful and optical quality of their products. That is why future generations should also be able to enjoy these unique delicacies. Thanks to SanLucar, Giuliano bunches, which had been limited to Italian sybarites for a long time, are also available in Germany and Austria.

Thorough selection of the best bunches of grapes

Many hours of sunlight and loving cultivation ensure a sweet and refreshing taste for our bunches. While being harvested, they all are controlled by hand and grapes which are too small or rotten are cut out, so that you only get the bunch with flawless fruit. Among our broad assortment you can pick light, blue or red grapes with or without seeds.

Sweet grape range

No matter if they are light, red, dark, seedless or with seeds: At SanLucar you will certainly find your favourite bunch. Click on Grapes- Assortment & Confections and learn more about the available cultivars at SanLucar.

Availability and origin of SanLucar Grapes

Chile: February - May, Italy: July - December, South Africa: December - June, Brazil: Octubre - December, Egypt: May - June



Sweet grape range

How do you like them? With seeds, seedless, light, red, dark, white ...?

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