Juicy Oranges from sunny coasts

As most of SanLucar citrus fruit, both our eating and pressing oranges are also grown on the Valencian and South African coasts. Both regions offer ideal cultivation conditions for oranges. A constant fresh breeze ensures that the fruit dries immediately after rainfall. Then there is no humidity left, which could compromise the skin shelf life and consequently the protection of the fruit flesh.

Eating and Pressing Oranges

Many exquisite eating oranges contain limonin, a natural bitter substance that only reveals its bitter taste by pressing. Thus, our expert growers have selected limonin-free cultivars with high juice content for our pressing fruit. This way, you get more delicious orange juice out of fewer of this Vitamin C bombs.

Besides, their skin is also suitable for consumption, so that only pure taste gets to the glass when they are pressed. Both our Eating and Pressing Oranges belong to the enjoyment concept “Eat or Press“.

eat and press concept for oranges

Learn more about our Spanish expert growers for Oranges and Clementines.

Availability and origin of SanLucar Eating Oranges

season plan for oranges for eating

Availability and origin of SanLucar Squeezing Oranges

season plan for oranges for pressing

Eating or Squeezing?

The right cultivar for the right time: We offer you a variety of Eating and Squeezing Oranges.

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  • The Llusar brothers stand for the best citrus fruit

    “Valencia Late” is one of the most delicious orange cultivars. And that is for a reason: The fruitful level of particularly tasty oranges and clementines around the port city is world-famous. This is where SanLucar captain Stephan Rötzer met the Llusar citrus brothers in the beginning of the 90s.

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  • Not only popular among little gourmets: SanLucar Clementines

    The little relative of the mandarin, which also has fewer seeds, is becoming more and more popular. This is not a surprise for those who have already tried a SanLucar Clementine.

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