Strawberries | Assortment & Confections

SanLucar Strawberries, our red treats, are of many different cultivars, such as Splendour, Camarosa, Virtue, etc.

SanLucar Strawberries are available in the following confections:

250 g / 400 g / 500 g plastic punnets with protective film: Our strawberries are covered with a transparent protective film, so that you can immediately convince yourself of the visual quality.

Erdbeer Bild Nr. 1, hohe Schachtel

250 g / 500 g plastic punnet with lid: Spoil your beloved ones with our fruity sweet strawberries in the special Valentine’s packaging.Erdbeeren in der Extra-Verpackung für den Valentinstag


1 kg wooden box: Our strawberries are also available in the robust wooden box. The plastic cover gives extra protection while being transported.

Erdbeer Bild Nr. 4_Steige

SanLucar Strawberries taste like self-picked ones

Unfortunately not everybody has the possibility to harvest strawberries in their own garden. Luckily, we have SanLucar strawberry growers.

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  • Why strawberries are actually nuts...

    After a discussion on SanLucar Facebook site, the time has come to give you a clarification: Taking the risk that the debate on what is a fruit and what a vegetable may start again :-)

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