1st dual training in wholesale & foreign trade in Spain

1st dual training in wholesale & foreign trade in Spain

Promoted by SanLucar and FEDA Madrid German Business School: The 12 students enrolled, who attend every day class at the main headquarter of the premium brand SanLucar, will become the future professionals of the international commerce

(Puzol, Valencia. 05th of  September 2019).-  The first course in Spain of Dual Vocational Training in Wholesale and Foreign Trade has started this week at the headquarters of the multinational company SanLucar. From now on, SanLucar’s facilities will also house a classroom for the 12 students participating in this innovative educational program.

This training is successfully consolidated in Germany and now arrives in Spain, thanks to the premium fruit and vegetable brand SanLucar and FEDA Madrid German Business School. The aim: To prepare the future generation of international trade specialists.

»Given the reality of globalization, the trainees of our vocational program will acquire solid theoretical and practical knowledge that will allow them to familiarize themselves with commercial operations in foreign markets,« explains Nils Ahmad, director of the SanLucar Academy.

»One of the strengths of the German Dual Training model is the combination of theory and practice, which allows the students’ immersion in the business world from the first day. At the same time, companies can train the future generation of professionals according to their needs. From the field to the point of sale, in the specific case of SanLucar the program gives us the opportunity to have specialists and managers in the fruit and vegetable trade and logistics,« adds Ahmad.

Paid training

Another benefit of the Dual Training is the advantageous economic conditions for the students.“We have received many requests from Spain for this first call of the course; something that is not surprising if we consider that the Dual Training is totally free for the students. Furthermore, they recieve a monthly salary during the 2 years that their training lasts”, explains the head of the SanLucar Academy.

The 12 participants will attend 1,400 hours of theoretical instruction given by the teacher and coordinator of the FEDA Madrid program, Alexander Bauer and his team, and various active professionals of the SanLucar Group. In addition, the trainees will complement their academic program with a 2,600-hour practical part in SanLucar or in any of the other four companies that have joined the iniative as well. All the students are school graduates and have a B1 level in English, German and Spanish, the basic requirements for training.

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