A heart for bees and delicious fruit

A heart for bees and delicious fruit

The premium brand for fruit and vegetables is committed to the protection of these important insects for the agriculture on its fields and plantations

(Valencia, Spain. 29th May, 2020).- In spring, when the apricot trees in the SanLucar gardens blossom in white and pink and the strawberries, raspberries and blueberries start growing, the master growers depend on thousands of tiny helpers: the bees! Because without the small insects there would be no fruit.

That is why SanLucar does everything to make sure that the busy bees on the plantations are doing well, and that they can fly from flower to flower to collect pollen and complete the pollination. Because after all, every fertilized blossom turns into a delicious SanLucar fruit.

Happy and healthy bees

By cultivating many kinds of fruits and berries, SanLucar provides a varied and rich food supply for honey and wild bees.

In addition, the premium brand for fruit and vegetables only uses biological agents on its apricot’s fields during the blooming period -if it is necessary – which are completely harmless for the bees. These agents are only applied at night, when the bees are in their hives and no longer fly around.

SanLucar gives a habitat to bees

On the SanLucar apricot fields in southern Spain, beekeepers take care of the well-being of the bees. They set up hives and check for queen bees to build new colonies. So, when the apricot trees start to blossom in spring, the plantations are buzzing non-stop from morning to evening. And only when it gets dark the bees return to their homes.

Rest areas for bees

All quality experts on SanLucar berries field have a certificate of competence for plant protection and therefore also for bee preservation. They know exactly which products are not dangerous for bees and when they are allowed to use them.

Furthermore, SanLucar has established resting areas for bees on the fields. There are different wild flowers blooming there, and as well bee hotels and scree slopes where the small insects can hide.

Besides, in the greenhouses for the Andalusian strawberry cultivation, SanLucar has applied color markings. So the bees can find their way back to their hives without any difficulties.

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