“The potential of big data and new technologies help us to strengthen our brand positioning”

“The potential of big data and new technologies help us to strengthen our brand positioning”

According to Christoph Waltert, Business Excellence Manager in SanLucar Group

(Valencia, Spain. – 24.11.2016). – The new edition of the “EU Fresh Info Forum & Round Table” will take place from the 29th until the 30th November in the Dutch city of Rotterdam. Together with the main technological representatives of the fresh produce industry, the company SanLucar will once again participate as speaker in this event.



The impact of the change in the rules of the game within the fruit and vegetable sector will be the main topic to be discussed in this international meeting. An approach that will be analyzed from the perspective of technology, commerce, production and from the retail sector’s point of view.

With the attendance of Christoph Waltert, Business Excellence Manager of SanLucar, the international premium brand of fruit and vegetables will take part in the forum.

Waltert will explain the company’s experience on big data use and analysis, to predict behaviors and new tendencies within the fruit and vegetables sector.

According to him, “in our field of activity it is very important to maintain the brand awareness as well as to accompany the brand with an excellent service. SanLucar focuses on this by applying the most innovative technology”.

“In our company we know about the great potential of ICT and big data for brand positioning and of course we make use of it”, affirms Waltert.

He adds, “After having built the base with standardized data, we are currently in a second stage of development of our organization with a dual purpose: to investigate future trends to respond effectively to changes in the marketplace, and to overcome the challenge of digitalization.


“Only by creating alliances and working all together, he concludes, we will be able to get the most out of the many uses of the new technologies”.

SanLucar is nowadays one of the few companies in the horticulture sector which has an internal working group to ensure that the information is accessible, accurate and easy to understand for everyone.

In addition the company is part of GS1, a European group dedicated to the design and implementation of global standards and solutions to improve the efficiency and visibility of supply chains.

A pioneer brand

Under the motto ”Taste the SUN” SanLucar provides 365 days of the year fruits and vegetable at their best taste. Due to the range of approximately 90 various delicious fruits and vegetables from 35 countries, SanLucar is the brand with the broadest range of goods in its sector.

Since Stephan Rötzer founded SanLucar in Valencia in 1993, the company has grown rapidly until today, with more than 2,500 employees worldwide and with its own production in Spain, Germany, Austria, South Africa, Tunisia and Ecuador.

The philosophy “Taste in harmony with man and nature” guides SanLucar activity: from the selection of varieties and the production areas, to the way the company presents its products at the point of sale.

This identity mark has led the brand SanLucar to become highly regarded in the European market, especially in Germany and Austria and that is how the company wants to present itself on new markets as the Asian market.

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