Sweet mangos to fight your wanderlust

Sweet mangos to fight your wanderlust

So you have wanderlust but can’t get away? Then dream yourselves into the tropics with our lusciously sweet mango. This is what we do. Because when our exotic mangos melt in our mouths, we immediately conjure pictures of white beaches, turquoise blue water and lush palm trees in front of our eyes.

Our mangos develop their intense tropical taste and aroma in the north of Peru. They grow and thrive there at constantly warm temperatures of 25 to 28 degrees Celsius – for 20 weeks. No wonder they taste so sweet and juicy and are full of good sun nutrients. In this way, mangos are said to stimulate the metabolism, prevent infections and even beautify the skin. All wonderful reasons to eat plenty of tropical mangos. You can enjoy these benefits by eating them by themselves – but there are also many delicious mango dishes, such as mango curry, mango chutney, mango ice cream, mango smoothies, arugula salad with mango and mango wraps. Enjoy them all!

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