Food trend from Down Under: Avocado Latte

Food trend from Down Under: Avocado Latte

If you take a glance into the trend kitchen nowadays, you’ll notice that there are no limits to culinary creations. One idea after another is transformed into a gourmet masterpiece. The latest craze that seems to top everything and makes a lot of hearts race: The Avocado Latte.

The whole thing began when the Truman Café in Melbourne (Australia) added the new coffee specialty as a joke to the menu. And look what’s become of it now: a genuine trend! The most delicious thing about it is that the coffee gets a slightly nutty flavour from the fruit flesh. Yummmm! A good reason to try it yourself! And it couldn’t be easier to make: for the regular Avocado Latte, simply hollow out half an avocado and make a latte macchiato in it. If desired, sweeten it, for example with vanilla syrup or honey.

Or you can make a delicious summer refreshment: mix coffee with milk, vanilla ice cream and ice cubes and fill the avocado as an iced coffee – and the trendy drink is ready in no time at all. Bon Appetit!

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