For us, every day is Environment Day

For us, every day is Environment Day

Oh, to be a honeybee at SanLucar! Then you’d always have fragrant blossoms around you, during the day you would enjoy your peace and quiet and in the evening you’d go back to your beehive to see the others. During the flowering period, we only use biological products that are completely harmless for bees – and then only at night, so that we don’t disturb our little helpers during pollination. “No bees? No fruit. That’s why we do everything we can in our power to make sure they’re happy and comfortable,” says Nuria Pizán, Brand & Creative Director at SanLucar with a smile.

Everything we do is in harmony with nature. After all, our guiding principle is “The best flavor – in harmony with people and nature”. But what does that mean exactly? Our fruit is only grown under ideal climatic conditions with loads of expertise and as naturally as possible. When it comes to pests, we always use natural methods first. Thus, we use natural predators against pests, such as ladybugs or other insects. Only in the case of an extreme emergency – when the whole tree or even worse, the whole plantation is in danger – we use plant protection products, but only in very moderate amounts. Before the harvest, we carefully check the residues and only if these are below the legal requirements do we begin to pick the fruits.

Apart from the sun, water is the most valuable commodity of all for us. That’s why we treat it with such care.On our farms, we therefore rely on gentle drip irrigation. This means that the ideal amount of water seeps directly into the ground and cannot evaporate as quickly. This enables us to reduce water consumption sustainably and significantly.

We also collect rainwater in large collecting basins and use it for irrigation.

But our environmental awareness goes even further. When it comes to packaging, we are always looking for environmentally friendly solutions for our aromatic fruits. We offer 72% percent of our fruit completely unpackaged and, here too, we want to increase the proportion even further.

Over the past four years, we have already been able to save more than 687 tons of plastic. Our green and sustainable office in Valencia has a total of 300 m² of vertical gardens with more than 30 different plant species that absorb climate-damaging CO2. And if you come to Valencia by electric car, you can recharge it in several of our parking spaces.

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