SanLucar in running fever

SanLucar in running fever

October was a very sporty month for us SanLucans. Two RUN4DREAMS races took place – one for the third time in Puebloviejo in Ecuador, the other premiered at our citrus farm Rooihoogte in South Africa.

The very first starting shot for the RUN4DREAMS race

In 2017 the first RUN4DREAMS race took place in Ecuador, more precisely in the municipality of Puebloviejo. At that time, there were 80 runners at the start and it was the beginning of our legendary running classic. The idea behind the run is to have fun, enjoy exercise and of course, do something good for your health. Because regular running prevents cardiovascular diseases and obesity and also keeps the mind fit. So slip into your sweatpants and your running shoes.

Running and doing good

The participants of this year’s RUN4DREAMS race in Puebloviejo, Ecuador did the same. So in October, for the third time, a highly motivated running group came together who wanted to get their circulation going and supported our sports school DREAMS with a small participation fee.

Across the farm area

On the 12th of October, the starting shot for the RUN4DREAMS race went off in South Africa at our Rooihoogte farm – early Saturday morning. But that didn’t scare off the well-placed running group. They easily mastered the 4 kilometres across the farm and received a medal and certificate as recognition. And because it was so much fun for them, it was clear that they wanted to repeat RUN4DREAMS next year.

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