School material for Tunisian children

School material for Tunisian children

When the summer holidays in Tunisia come to an end and the school or university starts again, this is no reason for the children of the employees of the SanLucar Tomato Oasis to mope. On the contrary.

Because there is something to celebrate: for the fourth time, SanLucar is inviting the employees of the Tomato Oasis and their children to a »Festival of Knowledge«. In the context of this educational celebration, SanLucar has donated school and study material such as notebooks, books, pens and other learning aids to 61 kindergarten children, 132 primary school pupils, 34 pupils in graduating classes and 7 students. Of course, the joy was great and the kids are now starting the new school year or semester well equipped and fully motivated.
The »Festival of Knowledge« is only one of many projects of the SanLucar d.r.e.a.m.s. initiative, with which SanLucar supports employees and their families in the field of education – making dreams come true. 

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