So green: SanLucar's new headquarters

So green: SanLucar’s new headquarters

Our employees now work in leafy surroundings – and by this we don’t only mean our Master Growers from our 35 growing countries worldwide. We have a new, green Spanish headquarters in Valencia! True to our philosophy »In harmony with people and nature«, we have taken the needs of our employees into account in the design and construction of the building and have attached great importance to environmentally-friendly and resource-saving architecture. And this is what the implementation looks like:

We’re reducing climate-damaging carbon dioxide.

In our office building, there are 300 square meters with vertical gardens consisting of more than 30 different plant species. They provide a pleasant room atmosphere and help to save a lot of CO2 at the same time. Thanks to the plants, we can reduce stress better, too. For the drivers of electric vehicles, we have set up special parking spaces where they can recharge their cars right away. And soon there will also be a large bicycle parking lot, so that our employees can cycle to work completely emission-free.

We save energy.

In Valencia, the sun shines almost every day. And we’re taking full advantage of it. Our roofs have solar cells that warm our water. But to prevent the sun from shining on our employees’ faces all day long, intelligently controlled slats are mounted on the sunny side of the office.

So if it gets too light or too warm, they regulate the amount of heat and light that can come in. And should the daylight in Valencia not be sufficient for working, environmentally friendly LED lights illuminate our offices. These have a longer service life than halogen lamps and save 80 percent more energy. But we don’t stop there: we have installed small sensors so that light is only really there where it is needed.

Paper is not for the bin.

»Think before you print!« is our office motto. Since October 2018, we have been able to reduce our paper consumption by 30 percent. This conserves resources, saves energy and is good for the environment. We have also invested in innovative technology such as state-of-the-art printers with better print configurations. In addition, we conduct campaigns at regular intervals to inform our employees about waste separation and recycling.

Water is precious.

And because that is true, we have integrated intelligent systems and sensors into our water supply. They recognize how much water is needed when washing hands and flushing toilets, for example. This reduces water consumption to an efficient minimum. The Global Compact of the United Nations has also honoured our green office with innovative awards and published it as Best Practice.

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