Flood disaster: Together we can do it

Flood disaster: Together we can do it

Compassion, willingness to help and, of course, money – that‘s what the victims of the July 2021 flood disaster need most urgently. Thomas Lehr, owner of Marktkauf Lehr in Paderborn, did not hesitate for a second: He wanted to help!

Therefore, on July 30 and 31, he held a big outdoor sale in front of his Marktkauf with our SanLucar giant oranges and our juicy sweet melons, pineapples, grapes as well as our sliced fruits.

All proceeds were to go to the flood victims. The two-day fruit campaign was a huge success.





In the end, €2,600 was collected through sales alone. Thomas Lehr then rounded up to €3,000 and SanLucar added another €1,000. So together, we were able to donate €4.000 to the people who lost so much or even everything in the midsummer of 2021.

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