With solar energy over the green

With solar energy over the green

It‘s rolling, it‘s rolling – and the little white ball is in! Cheers! On this July day, everything is just right. The sun is shining, there are lush greens as far as the eye can see and a few happy golfers in between. And – of course, this is a must at a top-class golf event – juicy sweet fruits from SanLucar.

The stunningly beautiful Fontana Golf Club just outside Vienna has been completely overhauled in recent years. And now the Fontana Open ProAm “Green” – a selection of outstanding players – has returned. “Golfers and SanLucar have a lot in common – the passion, the precision and the love for nature,” says Alexander Thaller, Managing Director of SanLucar Austria, who also swung the club at the golf day.

Just as golfers must always keep an eye on everything – the grass, the wind and their material – SanLucar master growers must be able to understand and read nature so that they are rewarded with sweet fruit in the end.

And this is exactly what the participants of the tournament, some of them prominent, enjoyed. At the SanLucar stand, wonderfully sun-ripened bananas, a wide selection of berries, various grapes and freshly squeezed juices awaited the players. Exotic mangos and pineapples gave the athletes that extra kick of freshness to execute the right shot at 28 degrees in the shade. “Golf demands the entire body. There is no room for slacking. We have therefore deliberately adapted the fruit selection to meet the requirements. Our fruits provide delicious energy quickly and over the long term,” says Alex Thaller.

The participants confirmed that the selection of fruit and beverages was perfect, and they took an extra break at the SanLucar stand at the end. Finally, everyone was certain – the green was great and the solar energy from SanLucar even more so.

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