An oasis for delicious tomatoes

An oasis for delicious tomatoes

Gabès in Tunisia, 7 February, 2018

Today, our delicious, fruity tomatoes send their love from our oasis El Hammain Tunisia! The give us a bit of summer with every bite! Because while it is still bitterly cold here at home, our delicious Caprese and Nibbling Tomatoes ripen 2000 kilometres further south in lovely warmth and lots of sunshine. They were planted in September and

as early as November they’ll have produced their first fruits. With all the tender loving care and the optimal growing conditions, this is no miracle! Valuable minerals in the irrigation water provide everything they need for an intense aroma and a pronounced red colour. And thanks to the warm climate with low humidity, pests and diseases are a rarity – the same goes for pesticides.

That’s why the consumer magazine Öko-Test has awarded our tomatoes with a »Very Good.« Our red darlings are harvested into June. Hopefully, we’ll get more post from Tunisia. We love seeing our happy, juicyfruits blushing.

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