Pomelos from South Africa make you happy

Pomelos from South Africa make you happy

Tzaneen, South Africa, April 11, 2018
Today, quality expert Thomas greets us with these beautiful photos from the north of South Africa – more precisely from Tzaneen. With so much lush greenery, we were also instantly put in a good mood. But what’s hanging there on the branches? Juicy pomelos are growing there –  well camouflaged.
They are grown close to the famous Kruger National Park, where leopards, lions and cheetahs roam. Unlike in southern South Africa, it has rained a lot here this year.

And for the pomelos, just the right amount at the right time. So they’ve been able to grow wonderfully large and juicy and our grower is therefore very happy. The vitamin C-rich pomelos are closely related to grapefruit and under their green shiny peel is pale yellow, mildly sweet-tasting fruit flesh.

Delectable! The pomelo is a delicious summer refreshment that is harvested until mid-July. So we still have enough time to enjoy them, which in turn makes us very happy!

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