Simply unbelievable cherries

Simply unbelievable cherries

Altes Land, Hamburg, 1 March, 2018

What’s that? In the far north of Germany it’s currently cold as ice and there are still cherries? You must be joking. That’s why we turn directly to our quality expert Winfrid »Wifi« Schuster.

»The fruits in the photo are from last year and they have, of course, already been eaten,« he says, curbing our appetites. Wifi is currently visiting Master Grower Jacob Hinrich Feindt in the Altes Land next to Hamburg, and checking the current cherry situation. »What’s so special here is the fact that the trees are covered – so they’re protected the whole year.« Rain (we just say, »Schietwetter« or »crap weather«) can, for example, injure the

delicate fruits, and when sunbeams fall on the drops, they have the effect of burning glasses and the cherries can even burst from the magnified heat. At the moment, we are going to discuss the basics, i.e. the avoidance of pesticides, the packaging, the labelling, simply everything we need to be prepared for in time for the cherry harvest in July/August. Alright, we secretly suspected that Jacob Hinrich’s delicacies wouldn’t be available until summer.

But to help time fly by more quickly, Wifi promises us a picture of the cherry blossoms soon. This will certainly sweeten up the wait for us.

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