Sweet varieties for a long summer

Sweet varieties for a long summer

Do you actually know where our heavenly juicy sweet peaches and nectarines grow? They come from near the picturesque little town of Caspe in the northern Spanish province of Zaragoza. The sun smiles down almost daily here from the deep blue sky. This is the growing area for premium stone fruits! From spring to autumn, the Spanish sun caresses our fruits. So that they become wonderfully sweet, tasty and juicy. In addition, the Ebro River creates a particularly favorable microclimate with stable temperatures and gentle winds that allow the humidity to evaporate quickly.

Mold hardly has a chance and we can safely do without fungicides during cultivation. We’re very pleased with that and our summer favorites are especially happy about this. In addition, we only use biological agents that are completely harmless to bees during the budding and flowering period to combat possible diseases and pests.

That’s because: no bees, no (stone) fruits! But nature alone does not provide everything for our tasty stone fruit, which we harvest from May to October. Our master growers pamper the trees with everything they need to thrive magnificently, and our variety expert Will Lemmer is constantly researching to find the best varieties.

»Every 10 to 14 days the variety of stone fruit to be harvested changes. All of them simply have to be first-class in order to maintain the quality throughout,« explains the native South African. Wil has managed to ensure that each variety is tasty and juicy and has beautiful color. This enables us to offer premium quality peaches and nectarines for five months. Thus, the sun smiles down from the sky for us, too.

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