Tender loving care for delicate apricots

Tender loving care for delicate apricots

Agramon, 25 January, 2018

Hey there! We got post from our farm in Agramon in Southern Castile, Spain! This is where, these delicate trees grow up in front of breath-taking cliffs.

Do you know what kind they are? They’re apricot trees! They are now one year old and are expected to bear fruit in another year. The trees are regularly pruned so they become strong and plenty of sunlight to can get through to the apricots. At the beginning of March, the trees start to bloom – then the whole valley shimmers

in pink and white. In the flowering season, they are very well-watered, and they get plenty of nutrients because the trees will have plenty of work: they will be developing the most delicious apricots, which are then harvested in June. We are already looking forward to it!

The apricot itself is as delicate as its own skin. It truly a sensitive soul. It reacts quickly to wind and rain and at harvest the helpers have to treat the fruits very carefully – as if they were raw eggs.

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