The sweet protégés of the Orancos

The sweet protégés of the Orancos

Surroundings of Antalya, Turkey, 5 July 2018

If you look at our quality expert Pepe, you won’t even know who is prouder. Pepe of the apricots, or the apricot tree of its apricots? But of course, our growing partners, the Orancos, are the proudest of all of their fruits. Apart from the velvety treats, they have been lovingly growing cherries since 1960 (available from May to August. So, if you hurry, you may still have cherry-luck this summer). They take care of their protégés passionately. “All the fields here are covered from above with protective hail nets and are also protected by their location in a valley. And because the water from the mountains flows down and gathers here, the fruits are naturally supplied with this precious resource.” Well, we hadn’t really mentioned it yet, but we are actually the proudest of all, because we can offer you such sensational fruits.

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