How fruit and vegetables can be fun for children.

How fruit and vegetables can be fun for children.

An exciting journey of the senses through the delicious SanLucar Fruit World

As mentioned before, we are working on the instructions for an obstacle course for the senses for children. We didn’t want to hide this from our colleagues and invited them for a test-run with their kids.

On a Friday afternoon, we turned our meeting room “Tomate” into a sensory journey for children with lots of love and passion (photo). The obstacle course consists of three stations. Here the children (as well as the adults) should guess fruits and vegetables on their shape, smell and taste – blindfolded, of course.

After David’s greeting, our marketing trainee, it gets going: one after another, they enter the mysterious course that’s full of fruity and vegetably treats. Next to this, Nancy, Anni, Stefan, Nico and a few kids pass the time playing a fruit and vegetable memory game and work on special colouring books.

To recognize a pear or a cucumber on its shape is not at all difficult. But the oddly shaped broccoli created some uncertainty. “It feels strange, soft and like flowers,” says 5-year-old Sofia, “but I don’t know what it is.” “Well, think again, it’s green and you have to cook it before you eat it,” I tell her.” Yeah, broccoli, but I didn’t cook it myself,” Sofia says to her defence.

Figuring out exactly what the juicy mango was turned out slightly difficult too – thinking it might be a pineapple. Even the most confident kids were astonished at the answer: “Mum, the mango here was much more delicious than at home. It tastes soooooo good, “says little 7 year-old Karolina to her mother Dorota. This made of happy, of course, because all SanLucar fruits taste good.

At the end of the obstacle course, everyone gets a gift bag: with fruit and vegetables and tips for the kids’ veggies cuisine at home and the most important: a personal certificate. Robin and Analena were particularly proud of this. For now, they are official SanLucar Fruit and Vegetable Experts, just like their parents.

Thanks to: Analena, Clara, Eva, Karolina, Robin and Sofia – you’ve done a great job!

The Sensory Obstacle Course was carried out as a test run for a future customer concept. For as an old saying goes, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”

Thank you very much to Lisa from our Quality Department for this article, who, after her time as a SanLucar Trainee, is now a Quality Asisstant for the SanLucar Team.