Keeping fit in your home office

Keeping fit in your home office

Quickly check the mails while eating something. Besides – the fridge is always nearby and the temptation is great. We’ve put together a few tips so that he home office dosen’t become a kilo trap.
Separate eating and working
To enjoy food you need to relax. Exactly the opposite happens when we sit in front of the computer or use our smartphone while eating. Because then we are forever on call and don’t care about the food, but about the most recent Whatsapp message. The result: the body is stressed and cannot digest well. It’ s better to switch off all electronic devices when eating, leave your workplace for a moment and maybe walk a few steps. Maybe on the balcony, or to the park around the corner?
Giving the day structure
People who work a lot on their computers tend to eat meals that don’t take long to prepare and snack too much.

For example chips and chocolate – in other words, not a varied mixed diet, but a one-sided diet. That’s why you should structure your day in a similar way to that of the office: with set breakfast and lunch times. We suggest: it’s best to have breakfast before you start work.

Nutritious dishes such as cereals with fresh fruit are the best way to prevent ravenous appetite attacks. And, very important: don’t forget the breaks – every three to four hours is ideal

Eat and drink well

Who hasn’t experienced it – you feel hungry, although your body is actually thirsty. Those who work at home should therefore always have water handy and drink regularly. After all, the body and the brain need sufficient fluid. And since you move less at home, it is important to eat healthy food. This can be fresh fruit with yoghurt, or a banana or even a few grapes. After all, grapes provide energy and are full of valuable ingredients. And you may need them when the boss calls or the children want to have lunch.




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