Our body-booster: Warm lemon water

Our body-booster: Warm lemon water

We all have our daily routine: In the morning, perhaps we drink a cup of hot coffee and bite into a delicious crunchy croissant with jam. How about adding a little bit to this ritual? With warm lemon water! Our bodies will really rejoice. Because warm lemon water is apparently a real “body-booster”.
Many years ago, in the old Chinese and Indian culture, people knew about the good body-compatibility of warm water. It’s supposed to stimulate digestion and relax the nervous system, since the body no longer has to heat the water to 37° C.
If we now add a deliciously tangy, vitamin-rich lemon juice to the warm water, the effect on the body would have to be even greater – apart from the fact that lemon water is simply much tastier.
This is how warm lemon water could affect your body.

  1. It cleanses and clears your respiratory system.
  2. Digestion is stimulated because the blood vessels dilate.
  3. Toxins are better excreted.
  4. Your nervous system calms down, you feel peaceful and relaxed.
  5.  The warm lemon water also has a positive effect on your attention span and concentration.
  6. It regulates blood sugar and, thanks to pectin, also digestion.
  7. You lose weight when you replace sugared beverages with lemon water.
  8.  It stimulates blood flow and metabolism.

That sounds so promising that we decided to get our bodies going every morning with warm lemon water. Are you in?

The warm lemon water is so easy to make: Pour the warm – never hot – water into a glass and add the juice of half a lemon. Sweeten with honey as desired. And you shouldn’t drink the lemon water too often or in large quantities. Once a day is enough. This is because the citric acid attacks the enamel of your teeth. After drinking the lemon water you should rinse your mouth with clear water as a precaution.

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