Vegan nana ice-cream

Vegan nana ice-cream

If you like fruit and vegetables as much as we do, you will definitely be able to understand that the vegan lifestyle is becoming more and more popular – after all, with our delicious fruits you can truly prepare all sorts of delicacies! The only catch: there are a few culinary things you’ll have to do without as a vegan. For instance, ice cream will have to be eliminated from the dessert menu… this can be extremely tough! But it doesn’t have to be – since we’ve found the solution for all vegan ice cream lovers: Nana Ice Cream.

The name is derived from its main ingredient, which is also due to the creamy ice cream consistency: banana. And the beauty of it all: it’s super easy to make. You can make either the classic banana version, or with some honey, almond butter or milk, if you like. Or you may want to go for a fruit variation. We’ll just show you how to make both:

  • First, the basic recipe: For 2 servings of Nana Ice Cream, cut 2 bananas in slices and freeze overnight. Depending on your mood, add honey or nutmeg or nut spread to an upright mixer and blend until it forms a creamy mass. Give your mixer a little break now and then, after about 15-20 seconds. Frozen ingredients can really tire it out. 😉

  • If you decide to go for the fruit variation, you should consider one thing: Either the banana or the second fruit type should be frozen. This creates the smooth ice cream-like consistency. Otherwise, you can follow the same principle as the basic recipe: add additional fruit, just like all other ingredients, to the blender and mix it until everything has a uniform, creamy consistency.

Hope you have lots of fun trying this and Bon Appetit!

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