Appleissimo by star chef Straubinger!

Appleissimo by star chef Straubinger!

What could get you through gray and wet cold days better than sweet-crispy apples and juicy oranges? Especially when these delicious ingredients are combined with delightful Gorgonzola cheese and whole thing becomes a very special delicacy. This autumn feast was invented by our friend, star chef Rolf Straubinger. And he’s very enthusiastic about our crispy-sweet Opal®. Because it tastes like apples used to taste – intensely flavorful, fruity-sweet and crispy when bitten into. This delicacy – which by the way is only available here – is grown on sunny Lake Constance and in Styria. It thrives particularly well on lightly sloping terrain and in the fertile soil.
So, off to the kitchen you go with our delicious Apple-Orange Salad with Gorgonzola.


1 SanLucar Opal®Apple cut into 16 slices
Slice 1 SanLucar Orange into filets
Juice 1 SanLucar Lemon
Wash 2 lettuce hearts
Wash 140 g plucked lettuce
250 g Gorgonzola (without rind) cut into cubes,
16 bread chips or 80 g roasted bread crunch
35 g honey
40 g organic apple juice
80 g virgin olive oil
20 g sugar
Seasoning salt, chili powder
4 g pepper granulate
1 thyme branch


Affilla and Sisho cress
Red onion (raw, very thinly sliced or steamed)

Preparation apple:

Sauté Opal® Apple slices with the thyme branch and pepper granulate and lightly brown. Add the apple juice and reduce – alternatively the apple can be grated raw over the salad at the end

Preparation lemon vinaigrette:

Mix orange filets, lemon juice, olive oil, sugar, pinch of seasoning salt and chilli powder. Marinate the washed salads with the vinaigrette and arrange on the plate. Garnish the salad with Opal® Apple slices, Gorgonzola, bread chips, red onions and cress.

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