Mandarin heart

Mandarin heart

Dessert. Serves 4
For the mousse
4 sheets of gelatine
250 g of whipped cream
125 ml of milk
200 g of white chocolate
30 g pickled ginger (sushi-ginger convenience product)

Melt the chocolate, bring the milk to a boil and mix with the chocolate. The mass should be lukewarm to dissolve the gelatine in it. Cut the ginger into small pieces and fold in with the cream. Pour everything into a mould and chill.

Mandarin Decoction
1 fresh mandarin
500 ml of tangerine juice
100 g of sugar
35g agar-agar

Boil the ingredients together (the mousse can be coated with it). Peel the mandarin and put the fillets in warm water, the white skin dissolves better this way. Remove, drain and pour over the mandarin decoction.

Mandarin Gel
300 g of mandarin puree or juice
40 ml of ginger juice
7 g Agar-Agar
Bring the ingredients to a boil, chill and then mix until a creamy mass is formed.

Vanilla Sand
150 g of butter
300 g of flour
20 g of vanilla sugar
100 g of brown sugar

Mix everything together, place on a baking tray and bake at 180° C for about 10 minutes.
Arrange all components together on the plate.
Foto© Philipp Sedlacek 2017

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