Roebuck refined with broccoli and nectarines

Roebuck refined with broccoli and nectarines

Today, we’re reporting to you from Burg Staufeneck. Star Chef Rolf Straubinger has revealed to us that he’d like to serve something delicious with SanLucar fruit again. Specifically, roebuck with broccoli, curd cheese, SanLucar Nectarines and beech mushrooms. And since we also want to be there when he does his magic in the kitchen, we simply went to meet him in his kitchen (which allowed us to try samples while he cooks). And we’ve shared the recipe right here. Here it is:

Propped up – may roebuck, broccoli, curd cheese, SanLucar Nectarines, beech mushrooms
Main Course, serves 4

600 g Saddle of venison parried without tendons
100 ml Venison sauce (recipe listed below)
20 Beech mushrooms
30 g Poppy seed

Broccoli Puree (basic recipe)

500 g Broccoli with stalk and leaf
(blanch 8 beautiful little florets briefly)
80 g White onions
150 ml Bright poultry stock
230 ml Cream 30%
50 g Butter
Sea salt, nutmeg, sugar

Cut broccoli with stalk and leaf into pieces. First blanch the stalks, then the florets and finally the leaves, then quench in ice water.
Sauté the onion in butter without colouring, deglaze with poultry stock and reduce. Fill in the cream and slowly reduce by half, then add blanched broccoli. Bring to boil and then immediately puree in a blender. Stir in ice to cool.

Curd Cheese Dumplings

200 g Curd cheese
15 g Soft butter
2 Eggs
20 g Mie de pian (dry)
Sea salt, nutmeg, pepper from the mill
Grated zest of 1/3 of an unsprayed SanLucar Lemon

Beat the butter until frothy, add Mie de pain, then the eggs and stir everything until smooth. Then fold in curd cheese.
Cook at 98° C vario steam with 70% moisture for 15min.
Cut into strips and sauté to just a little colour.

SanLucar Nectarines

2 Nectarines (firm)
30 g Sugar
20 g White wine
100 ml Nectarine juice or SanLucar Orange Juice
20 pcs Pieces of red pepper berries

Caramelise the sugar, deglaze with white wine, add the juice. Cook off the caramel and boil away the remaining fruit pulp and cook the pepper berries in this.

Venison Sauce

0,2 l Red wine
0.1 l Madeira
0,1 l Red port wine
30 g White onions in strips
2 Mushrooms
8 Juniper berries
½ Bay leaf
1 Tablespoon cranberries
1.0 l Venison stock
1 Slice of fruit bread
20 g Dark chocolate


Reduce the alcohol with the onions and mushrooms as well as spices and cranberries, add the venison stock and the fruit bread. Reduce everything to approx. 0.2l. Add the chocolate, mix and finely strain. If necessary, thicken with arrowroot flour.

Sauté the venison with a bit of colour, bake at 90° C in a convection oven, achieving 52-54° C in the core. Let rest, then flip it onto poppy seeds and fry briefly in frothy butter.

Arrange everything decoratively together on the plate.
As a garnish, try black walnuts, pickled strips of SanLucar Lemons and Limes and seared beech mushrooms.

Foto© Philipp Sedlacek 2017

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