Saddle, baby figs, pointed peppers and zucchini

Saddle, baby figs, pointed peppers and zucchini

Friends of the culinary arts, here’s something for you! Star Chef Rolf Straubinger has revealed his latest recipe. For a celebration at Burg Staufeneck, there should definitely be a fine piece of lamb. And to add some Moroccan spice, he just grabbed some of our delicious pointed peppers, baby figs and zucchini. Getting hungry? Then off to the kitchen – here’s the recipe:

MALammROKKO – saddle of lamb, pointed peppers, baby figs, zucchini
Main Course, serves 4



600 g Saddle of lamb without fat and bone (marinate with olive oil, rosemary and garlic)

Cook the vacuum-packed saddle of lamb at 56° C water temperature in the sous vide basin for about 25 – 30 min at 56° C in the core. Unpack, dry and sauté with herbs in a little oil.
Let rest for 2 minutes and carve.
Or at 90° C circulating air 54° C in the core – for everything else, see above

Stuffed Peppers
4 pcs. SanLucar pointed peppers (pcs each approx. 100g)
40 g Oriental salami (diced) – sauté
40 g White onion (diced) – sauté
100 g Long grain rice (boil raw in salted water – yields 200g)
300 g Mixed ground beef (pork & beef) or just lamb neck
1 tsp Chopped parsley
30 g Milk
1 Whole egg
Cumin, ras el Hanout, paprika powder, ground cumin, sea salt,
pepper, caraway
0.3 l Pepper juice
(Centrifuge 400g fresh pepper without core in the juicer and garlic)
4 Slices of zucchini (about 10cm long)

Peel the pepper with the peeler, cut off the top and hollow out.
If the peppers are too long, cut short. Fry this piece in olive oil, season, finely chop and serve as a dumpling on the fried zucchini slices.

Mix the boiled rice with the minced meat and all other ingredients, season to taste. Fill the hollowed out pepper with the mixture, fry it (till slightly coloured), add the pepper and bake for about 20 minutes at 160° C in the oven, pouring regularly with the pepper juice.

Preparation of zucchini:
Fry zucchini slices in a ribbed pan with a pattern.

Glazed Figs
8 pcs SanLucar baby figs
20 g Brown sugar
0.2 l SanLucar orange juice
0.2 l Port wine
10 g Sherry vinegar
½ Cardamom pod
6 Aniseed
1/3 Bay leaves
cinnamon, Ras El Hanout

Place figs in a sterilized mason jar.
Caramelise brown sugar and deglaze with the port wine and reduce.
Add sherry vinegar, vegetables and the orange juice. Boil everything well, cool (60° C) and pour over the figs. Let stand overnight. Reduce the infusion juice and glaze the halved figs.
Arrange all ingredients together on the plate.

Foto© Philipp Sedlacek 2017

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