Cosy winter barbecue

Cosy winter barbecue

Winter Barbecue – Flank Steak, Herbal Hollandaise, Barbecued Carrots, Celery, Pineapple

Main course for 4 people
700-800 g flank steak
A sprig of thyme
Olive oil

Vacuum pack the flank steak with the thyme sprig and olive oil and cook sous-vide for 6 hours at 56° C water temperature. Unpack the meat, dry and brown or beef on the 1000° C grill. Alternatively fry in the grill pattern pan.

Barbecued Carrots:
4 organic carrots
A sprig of thyme
Orange olive oil
Sugar, salt

Clean the organic carrots and wrap them in parchment paper with thyme sprigs, sugar, salt and orange-olive oil and cook until al dente on the grill or in the oven.
Cut into 3 pieces, arrange to serve.

4 SanLucar Celery Stalks with leaves
Nut butter

Peel the celery stalks with leaves with the potato peeler. Blanch the stems (the leaves only for about 5 seconds) and then quench in ice water. Lightly fry with a little nut butter.

Herbal Hollandaise (120 ml needed)
200 ml of water
30 ml white vinegar
1 shallot
5 white peppercorns
Parsley sprigs

Herbs according to what’s available (chervil, tarragon, chives, parsley …)
Boil all ingredients, reduce to half and strain.

80 g egg yolk (about 3–4 yolks)
Sugar, sea salt
60 g reduction (see above)
250 g clarified butter or nut butter
Lemon or Worcestershire to taste

Beat the egg yolks with sugar, sea salt and reduction in a bain-marie, stirring constantly, until the liquid has completely turned to foam. Then stir with the whisk to form a stable cream. Strain the clarified butter or nut butter and stir in at about 40° C in a thin stream into the whipped egg yolk mass. Season with lemon and perhaps add a few drops of Worcestershire sauce.

Glazed SanLucar Pineapple
4 bars of SanLucar Pineapple.
25 g sugar
30 g white wine
100 ml pineapple juice
20 pink pepper berries

Caramelise the sugar, deglaze with the white wine and the pineapple juice, cook until syrupy, add the pink pepper berries and cook the pineapple in it.

Arrange all the components together on the plate for serving.

Foto© Philipp Sedlacek 2017

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