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You are what you eat

As fruit and vegetable experts we can contribute a lot to a healthy diet. But holding up against crisps, sweets and fast food is not that easy. Having a balanced diet is important from an early age. The basis for future healthy habits are created in one’s childhood. Whatever children are given to eat at this stage, they will probably prefer eating for the rest of their lives. Our projects make fresh fruit tasty for even the youngest, and we give valuable tips to parents. Because as the saying goes: love goes through the stomach.

The soup kitchen El Puchero: A warm meal every day

At the initiative of SanLucar founder Stephan Rötzer, we set up the soup kitchen »El Puchero« (the stew) in Valencia (Spain) in 2013, and in 2018 we opened a second one in the harbour district, »El Puchero Portuario«. Collaborating with the association Coordinadora Solidaria, we provide a freshly cooked warm meal every day. And to enable the users to take care of themselves on the long term, we also support them in applying for jobs. Together with our partner Llusar, we train them in the packaging of oranges and clementines – many have already found a job. colaborador Llusar les enseñamos a empacar naranjas y clementinas. ¡Muchas de estas personas ya han encontrado un empleo!

Proud of their own fruit and vegetables: A permaculture garden in South Africa

We have more than 200 people living permanently at Rooihoogte, our South African citrus farm. The closest village is a 30 minutes’ drive away. In order to ensure daily availability of fruit, vegetables and eggs, we planted a permaculture garden, managed by community members, on the farm.The first harvest always goes to the kindergarten kitchen, and the rest is sold at the Rooihoogte community shop. Profits go to the communal treasury.

Nutrition Workshop: Fruit is diverse and colourful

In Ecuador, it’s mainly bananas, bananas and more bananas: plantain with cheese and egg, flattened, fried bananas, banana dumplings in broth and banana tortillas – the variety is overwhelming. In order to teach the children at our sports school d.r.e.a.m.s. that it’s not all bananas, we invite them to discover the colourful and tasty side of other fruit and vegetables in a playful way. We try out different products, create funny fruit plates and quiz games, supported by a team of doctors and nutritional experts.

Fruit Donation to primary school pupils for a healthy diet since childhood

Close to our logistics centre in Ettlingen we work with two schools where we donate fruit to the primary school pupils. In doing so, they learn to appreciate how tasty fruit is – and how good it is for their brain.

Healthy refreshment for top athletes

At Hamburg’s »Der Club an der Alster e.V.«, tennis and hockey (field and indoor hockey) is successfully played at the highest level. The teams have won national and international tournaments in the past. In order to achieve such success, a healthy nutrition is indispensable. This is exactly why SanLucar is collaborating with the »Der Club an der Alster e.V.«. At every Bundesliga match tasty fruit is offered now,Read more [...]