This is what the sweet life tastes like.

Sunshine in the heart and on the field.

»The sun means a lot to us,« says Leonel González, Country Manager of SanLucar Ecuador. The Lourdes farm is located in the province of Santa Elena in Ecuador, and the sun shines 12 hours a day here. The temperatures are constantly between 24 and 30° Celsius, and the wind blows gently from the coast. You can taste this favourable climate in the fruit. The varieties that grow here are pleasantly sweet, very aromatic and have, as Leonel says, the »right crunch.« »They’re simply delicious,« he says, laughing. The clayey soils with a certain salt content in this area provide precisely the right ingredient for the best taste. The team tested 25 different grape varieties on the farm before we selected the perfect ones – and of course none of our varieties are genetically modified organisms. The art is in finding the best combination of grape variety, handling and climate. They have succeeded for years. And it´s not just grapes that are lucky here. Growers and pickers are paid fairly, and with the many social projects of our DREAMS initiative, we make employees happy all over the world.
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Searching the sweet taste in the evaluation block.

Variety Manager Wil Lemmer looks at the soil. He smiles. »Grapes grow well here.« The Berg River Valley region in South Africa has a Mediterranean climate with plenty of sunshine. Temperatures during the day in summer range from 30 to 35° Celsius, and a breeze blows through the fields. Rainfall is sparse in summer and sufficient in winter. »A true paradise for grapes,« says Wil, beaming. And that’s how the fruits from the valley taste too – heavenly sweet with a firm texture and wonderfully aromatic. We currently have 10 test programmes with over 100 different grape varieties. »We digitally record the results of each variety in detail. When they wake up from their winter sleep and how many fruits each variety have produced,« explains Wil. The team also measures and describes the colour, shape and size, taste, texture, juiciness and sugar content. All values are compared with those of the previous year. »This makes it easy to see if a variety is suitable.« The varieties that are finally chosen are particularly delicious. Wil thinks so, too.
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Fruit customer...

The especially flavourful varieties of SanLucar grow and thrive best in the sunny mild Mediterranean climate. […]


Country of origin:

The especially flavourful varieties of SanLucar grow and thrive best in the sunny mild Mediterranean climate, but also in Chile, Brazil, South Africa, India and Peru.


Grapes should be kept in a closed container in the refrigerator, as they tend to take on neighbouring aromas.


Tips & special features:

They taste the very best well chilled and crispy. For this reason, connoisseurs like to enjoy them right out of a water bath with ice cubes.


The grape is probably one of the first cultivated plants used by humans. Its origin is in the areas of the Caucasus up to the Caspian Sea and is dated at approximately 6000 BC. Around 2000 BC, the Egyptians and Phoenicians brought grapes to Greece.

Vitamin B (mg/100g) 0.8 mg
Vitamin C (mg/100g) 4.2 mg
Vitamin E (mg/100g) 1.3 mg
Potassium (mg/100g) 198 mg
Calcium (mg/100g) 12 mg
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A feast of lovely aromas. You can taste the sun of Southern Italy in every grape. This is La Dolce Vita, with over 40 years of experience of our SanLucar Master Grower family Guiliano.