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Bananas love the tropics. This is why our particularly creamy and aromatic fruits come from our Hacienda Magdalena in Ecuador, where they are pampered by the warm climate. SanLucar Master Grower Julio Salomón watches carefully over every single shrub. “Of course, it is very important that the fruits get exactly the right amount of light,” he explains. In addition, the plants need sufficient nutrients and strength to produce the fruits.

Banana Commercial »Just Stay Calm«

Banana Commercial »Just Stay Calm«

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For plenty of sun-sweetness, we let them ripen for an extra-long period of 12-13 weeks. And to make sure they taste even better, our fruits come with both sweetness and a seal. This guarantees you that we create wonderful conditions for both our employees and the environment at our hacienda – and with every purchase, you are supporting our commitment, too. Find out everything about d.r.e.a.m.s. and our programme here.

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Our bananas thrive in the warm tropical climate of Ecuador and come from our Hacienda Magdalena. […]


Country of origin:

Our bananas thrive in the warm tropical climate of Ecuador and come from our Hacienda Magdalena.


Bananas ripen best at room temperature. You should not keep them in the refrigerator as the skin of the cold-sensitive fruits quickly browns and loses its taste. However, if you want to slow down the ripening process, it’s best to employ a small trick: simply wrap the stems with foil. Much of the ripening gas escapes through the stem and the foil and slows down this process.


Tips & special features:

Bananas are ideal for satiating hunger and supplying energy on the road. And perhaps they even have a positive effect on your mood. The amino acid tryptophan in them stimulates the production of the happiness hormone serotonin. This has not been scientifically proven, but their taste is sure to put a smile on your face.


The banana is one of the oldest cultivated plants in the world and comes from Thailand and Malaysia. From there, it crossed India into the Arab world, traders then took it to Africa and Europe. It was not until the 15th and 16th century that it reached the Americas with Spanish and Portuguese sailors. The banana owes its name to the Arabs. They called it »banan«, which means »finger«.

Vitamin B (mg/100g) 2.4 mg
Vitamin C (mg/100g) 11 mg
Vitamin E (mg/100g) 0.5 mg
Potassium (mg/100g) 367 mg
Magnesium (mg/100g) 30 mg
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Gold-yellow peel, sunny-sweet and particularly creamy in taste.