Poveda family

Sweet fruit with bees and sun

Every spring, the apricot trees of the Poveda family in Murcia, southern Spain get guests. Thousands of these guests bustle among the rows of trees. The diligent helpers are from a neighbouring beekeeper who brings his beehives by every year. But they are not the only ones to help the family cultivate their crops. »The sun is by far the most important worker here, because it ensures that our fruits are exceptionally sweet,« explains Master Grower Juan Poveda.


With economical drip irrigation, water passes through the tubing directly to the roots of the trees so that no drop is wasted. »When you spend your life with nature, we have a responsible approach to resources and the country,« say the Povedas. »When the last apricot is picked, we’ll always feel a bit wistful,« Juan laughs. »But then we look forward to the next spring when the bees come to visit.«