Drop by drop

The global water crisis is one of the biggest challenges of the present and the future. Modern technologies for support and irrigation could help to conserve the valuable resource. Water usage is a lot lower in fruit and vegetable production than it is for other products; the ten products with the lowest use of water are all types of fruit and vegetables. Nevertheless, we invest in resource-efficient drip irrigation or purify the water and recycle it. And our water always comes from officially recognised sources of course, for which we have an operating license. Water is also for us one of the most important partners.

Efficient recycling

The fun stops when any water is wasted. That’s why we treat 30 per cent of our irrigation water from drainage at our tomato farm in Tunisia. At our strawberry and raspberry farm, we collect rainwater in a 7000m3 basin, thus reducing water use from wells. And together with CERTE, a water technology company, we are working on further reducing irrigation. Because together it’s easier to come up with even better solutions.

Irrigation with a system

Especially in South Africa water is a valuable resource. That’s why we use an irrigation system at our South African farm Rooihoogte, where we are able to save on 50 per cent of the water use we formerly had: Sensors measure the humidity of the soil by measuring the humidity at the roots and calculating the exact amount needed, taking into account the soil condition, weather forecast and level of development of the orange and clementine trees. Every drop counts for us.