Blackberries Blackberries

A portion of happiness.

The aromatic SanLucar blackberries are the product of gentle cultivation, where they grow slowly and under ideal conditions. Blackberries don’t ripen after picking, so it is also important to eat them right away or to put them in the refrigerator to keep fresh. The delicate berries are carefully put directly into small trays after picking, otherwise they would be pressed together under their own weight. We take no chances making sure that out little sweeties arrive perfectly protected.

Naschbeeren Brombeeren

Naschbeeren Brombeeren

A berry for the senses. Sweetly fragrant, velvety and sweet, picked carefully and individually with gloves.

Naschbeeren Brombeeren
Vitamin B (mg/100g) 0.9 mg
Vitamin C (mg/100g) 40.9 mg
Vitamin E (mg/100g) 0.6 mg
Potassium (mg/100g) 141 mg
Calcium (mg/100g) 26 mg
Magnesium (mg/100g) 10 mg
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