Olive oil

Endlich, der echte Süden für zu Hause

“There are olives, and then there are Picual and Arbequina olives,” says Fernando Sánchez. His eyes sparkle. “Both varieties are fruity and simply wonderfully harmonious.” Not far from the Andalusian coast, the wind gently blows over the olive groves that the Sánchez Rodríguez family has been farming for more than a century.
It’s the unique climate in this area, the perfect soils and the passion that make our olive oils so unique. “Some trees are already more than 200 years old,” explains Fernando.
“Preserving history, working in harmony with nature and creating the best from it – that is our mission.”
Harvested with care at precisely the right time, extra-class olive oils are made from exceptional olive varieties. And as with all the oils of the Sánchez Rodríguez family, at least 5 kilos of olives are gently cold-pressed and processed into oil for each bottle. Fernando explains: “We are very selective because that corresponds to our absolute quality claim.”


The home of our olive oils is sunny Andalusia, Spain. The olive groves of the Sánchez Rodríguez family are not far from […]

Country of origin:

The home of our olive oils is sunny Andalusia, Spain. The olive groves of the Sánchez Rodríguez family are not far from the coast.


Olive oil contains many valuable fatty acids. To preserve the active ingredients in the oil for as long as possible, it should be sealed well and stored in a cool and dark place.

Tips & special features:

Normally, olive oil is separated from water by spinning. The oil of the Sánchez Rodríguez family is decanted – so one waits until the oil settles in the water. Time-consuming, but ensuring quality that is unsurpassed.


People have known and loved olives since the 6th century BC. Olive oil has been produced unchanged for thousands of years, using only mechanical and not chemical processes. To achieve this, ripe olives are ground immediately after harvesting, including the core.

Natura Pura (Arbequina and Picual)

Harmonious, fruity – wonderful. Ideal for meat and salad. An oil that always fits and offers a lot of flavourful finesse.

Olivenöl_Intensiv fruchtig

Natura Pura (Picual)

Spicy with a strong piquant taste with fine herb aromas of olive leaf, grass, fig tree, and tomato plant. It is particularly suitable for cooking and frying.

Olivenöl_Intensiv fruchtig

Natura Pura (Arbequina)

Arbequina oil has a mild, sweet and soft character. It enhances tomatoes and all salads and goes perfectly with fish and seafood – a true all-rounder.