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Volunteering programme

With us, the sun shines for everyone

What is working on-site actually like? Our employees can spend a month on the farms in either Ecuador, South Africa or Tunisia to find out what DREAMS can do.
Here are some testimonies from a number of our employees who did just that.

Walter Haenni

Sales Representative

»It was an incredible experience where I learned a lot about South African culture. I took away the fact that people can be happy with just a few things.«

Nayim Mohamed

Warehouse & Back Office Administration Supervisor

»The positive energy in Ecuador is contagious, as is the joy and hospitality of the people. The delicious food, the breathtaking scenery, the lovely people. Even the mosquitoes were nice to me. It was an incredible and enriching experience. I learned a lot about production and about cultivation processes, but also about the history, flora and fauna of this beautiful country.«

Malaika Bertó

Back Office Coordinator

»I was in South Africa and I especially remember the friendly and happy people I met there. The cultural differences and poverty left a lasting impression on me. Over there I learned that you don’t need a lot to be happy.«

Iris Rechinger

Recruitment and Selection Technician

»The voluntary work in South Africa was a unique experience for me. Besides finding out about the daily life of South Africans, I was also able to learn a lot about myself. Working for a company like SanLucar, where you are given these opportunities and get to see how committed everyone one is to the business, is a great feeling.«

Meiyi Hou

Commercial Strategy Analist

»I went to Rooihoogte to learn and to make the world a little better. I like working with children. Of course it’s hard to improve maths, IT and music skills in a month. But it is possible to pass on this idea to the children: That the world is big and beautiful, and we need curiosity to discover it.«

Nathalie Schäfer

Sales Manager

»In South Africa I was confronted with a lot of gratitude. SanLucar has brought about many positive changes in the lives of the inhabitants there. The children are like little rays of sunshine, always laughing and singing. I also learned quite a bit about growing citrus fruit, figs and grapes.«


Zuzana Holesova

Sales Manager

»I was at the Hacienda Magdalena in Ecuador – and it was amazing. As my job entails being in contact with customers and partners, it’s now easier for me to talk about our growing methods. I now understand the economic risk in countries such as Ecuador, and the positive effect that SanLucar’s work has.«

Nayim Mohamed

Commercial Planning Consultant

»Participating in the SanLucar volunteering programme was an opportunity I didn’t want to miss out on! I had a wonderful time and was given the chance to start a permaculture garden project, to provide the day nursery with healthy fruit and vegetables. I was amazed at how involved all the people are in the social projects there!«