Limes from the natural paradise

Limes from the natural paradise

Things get really green in the Mekong Delta in southern Vietnam! This is where our tangy and refreshing limes with exceptional juice and edible peel grow and ripen. The fruit loves the warm, humid and sunny climate with temperatures around 30 degrees Celsius. “Limes are funny fruits. The longer they ripen in the sun, the greener they get!,” laughs master grower Manh. “So, to make sure the fruit gets as much sunshine as possible, we regularly thin out the trees and prune them.”

Limes from the natural paradise

The trees are irrigated with fresh water from the Mekong River, which flows in canals to the plantation. In general, natural cultivation is important to us. In the case of pests, we rely on natural predators or biological agents.
“So after about three months, when the limes have turned completely green from all the sun, we pick them carefully by hand. We only select the most beautiful fruits,” Manh explains proudly. After the harvest, the limes are only washed. That’s it. We don’t wax or preserve them. That’s why our seedless limes have an edible peel and you can cook, bake or come up with amazingly refreshing drinks with them unhesitatingly.

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We grow our limes with the edible peel in southern Vietnam in the Mekong Delta. […]

Country of origin:
We grow our limes with the edible peel in southern Vietnam in the Mekong Delta. There, the fruits thrive on fertile soils in a warm tropical climate.
If you store limes at room temperature, they’ll stay fresh about a week. In the refrigerator they’ll be good a little longer. We recommend not storing them too long, otherwise they can lose their flavor.
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Tips and special features: 
In tropical countries, as well as in the Indian healing art of Ayurveda, limes – very rich in minerals – are considered an anti-aging agent. We value our limes with the edible peel above all as a delectable ingredient in baking, desserts, sauces and drinks.
Limes probably originated in Malaysia. Crusaders and travelers brought the fruit to Europe in the Middle Ages.

Vitamin C (mg/100g) 43.5 mg
Vitamin E (mg/100g) 1 mg
Potassium (mg/100g) 82 mg
Calcium (mg/100g) 13 mg
Magnesium (mg/100g) 15 mg
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Good Time Lime

With plenty of juice and a subtle-tart flavor, our limes with edible peel give you a delicious kick of freshness.

With an edible peel, but without packaging. Our extra juicy limes for beverages, pastries, and exotic dishes are also available loose.