SanLucar promotes Dual Training

SanLucar promotes Dual Training

(Valencia, Spain. 14.01.2019).- The company SanLucar and the German dual training model of the German Business School FEDA Madrid bring the tailor-made education for future professionals in wholesale and foreign trade to Spain for the first time.

In September 2019, the premises of the premium brand for fruit and vegetables turn into a school providing vocational education for young people. This is designed for students who wish to become professionals in the sector of fruit and vegetables in just 2 years. The only requirements? Applicants need to be school graduates, have knowledge of Spanish, English as well as German at B1 level, and need to show interest in commerce and logistics.

From left to right: Claudia Dittrich, FEDA Madrid, and Nils Ahmad, SanLucar.

This initiative is carried out in collaboration with the German Business School FEDA Madrid and the German Chamber of Commerce in Spain, AHK, which awards the official title.

SanLucar is thus taking another major step forward in its social commitment to education. Initially, the company employed German apprentices within the framework of the dual training model. Now, as a pioneer company, SanLucar also gives young people from all around the world the opportunity to become a merchant in wholesale and foreign trade during a dual training according to the successful German education model. With this new approach, students can combine theory in Valencia with the practical part at SanLucar or any other company participating in the programme.

The advantage of taking the programme with SanLucar is twofold.

On the one hand, trainees receive theoretical knowledge consisting of the nearly 40 years of

experience of the FEDA Madrid lecturers and the longstanding professional knowledge of the active experts of SanLucar. On the other hand, they do not only learn at first hand, but during the practical phases also independently acquire the entire value chain of wholesale and foreign trade in the fruit and vegetable sector: from the field to the point of sale.

Nowadays, the dual vocational training model enjoys a high reputation in its home country Germany, where youth unemployment is at barely 7%. This alternative to the traditional vocational training and university studies allows a more immediate contact with the working environment.

“From day one, students will combine theory and practice within the company. Undoubtedly, this particular approach is the key to success. With the dual training in wholesale and foreign trade we want to encourage the next generation of specialists and future managers in the world of commerce and logistics within the fruit and vegetable sector,” explains Nils Ahmad, Manager of the SanLucar Academy.

Companies and students interested in the dual training programme of wholesale and foreign trade management can contact Jutta Rölleke from FEDA Madrid ( or Nils Ahmad from SanLucar (

Together with sport and nutrition, education is one of the basic pillars on which SanLucar’s corporate responsibility programme d.r.e.a.m.s. is based. As a result of this strong commitment to promoting education as a basis for development and social progress, SanLucar created the SanLucar Academy in 2013. At first, the aim was to ensure the transmission of knowledge among its employees. Now, SanLucar’s corporate academy extends its functions, collaborating with the FEDA Madrid for the implementation and execution of this new dual training programme in Valencia.

About SanLucar

SanLucar, the premium brand for fruit and vegetables, is a globally positioned enterprise with subsidiaries in Germany, Austria, Spain, Tunisia, South Africa, Ecuador, Benelux and Dubai. In 1993, the company was founded by Stephan Rötzer from Munich and employs approximately 2,800 people today, the majority of them working on the company’s own farms and in SanLucar offices on four continents. With a range of more than 100 varieties of fruits and vegetables from more than 35 countries, SanLucar is the brand with the broadest assortment in the retail trade. In line with the philosophy “Taste in harmony with people and nature”, SanLucar is a responsible player on the global fruit and vegetable market and is currently expanding into the Arab Gulf States, Russia, China and Canada.

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