Stone fruit season starts with high demand

Stone fruit season starts with high demand

Proposals such as the innovative slider for flat peaches or apricots, marketed by the premium fruit and vegetable brand SanLucar, have already doubled their sales in some markets such as Austria

(Valencia, Spain. 12th June, 2020).- Thanks to the warm temperatures in Central Europe in recent weeks and the growing interest of consumers in the current context in fresh products: the new stone fruit season starts with good prospects, according to the premium fruit and vegetable brand SanLucar.

“Although the weather has marked the beginning of the season, as well as the uncertainty about future consumer behavior, the outlook is in fact more than optimistic. Especially from the second week of June onwards, we expect a high and sustained demand throughout the entire season”, states Alberto Olivares, stone fruit Product Manager at SanLucar.

The company, which has a strong presence on the German and Austrian markets, is already recording high product demand. The premium brand has even doubled the sales of its innovative slider for apricots, nectarines or flat peaches. A convenient packaging to go that is becoming increasingly popular among consumers.

Cultivated in harmony with people and nature, SanLucar stone fruits grow in the best crop fields of Spain, Italy and Turkey, which allows the company to extend the season from April to September. The Group offers a product range based on a careful selection of varieties and fruit trees, with the aim of obtaining the best taste and the brand’s distinctive premium quality.

The sector copes with the corona crisis

If there is one thing that makes the difference in the current stone fruit season, it is the exceptional application of measures by growers, both in the field and in the warehouses, to ensure the health and safety of their workers as well as the quality of the fruit.

SanLucar’s stone fruit manager points out how efficiently the sector has solved the impact of COVID, so that the health crisis does not affect the product supply.

“The whole agricultural sector is aware of the essential activity we perform and therefore no efforts have been spared to continue responding to market demand, even under such exceptional circumstances as the present”, concludes he.

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