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Fresh fruit for fresh marathon runners

Fresh fruit for fresh marathon runners

Whether it’s a marathon or half marathon – the approximately 22,000 runners from over 100 nations have many strenuous kilometres through Munich’s city centre in front of them – past an estimated 70,000 spectators. Clearly, the Generali Munich Marathon on October 14, 2018 will not be a stroll through the park. Luckily, SanLucar provides athletes from over 100 nations with tasty fruit and refreshing smoothies. The runners can get refreshed with fresh vitamins at eight points of distribution on the running track and at a station in Munich’s Olympic Stadium and then continue on to achieve their best time. Because vitamins and minerals are simply part of a health-conscious diet – especially for athletes. The German Nutrition Society recommends eating five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. And athletes can certainly do with a few more. So, isn’t it great that SanLucar distributes lots of healthy portions of fruit during the marathon?

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