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When Linda Flores strolls through the plantation and looks up at the bulging avocados, she is always amazed: »How does nature manage to produce such delicious powerhouses?« Of course, we don’t know that either. But we know that Linda Flores’ loving and knowledgeable care contributes to the delicious creamy and delicious taste of our fruit. Our Hass avocados grow and thrive in fertile soils at high altitudes in tropical and subtropical regions. We cultivate them as naturally as possible and in a way that conserves resources as much as possible. We rely on natural predators against pests and use drip irrigation to save water. Our avocado gets its incomparable taste and creaminess from the fact that we let it mature naturally under tropical conditions. It’s like it’s matured on a tree.

Do you love avocados firm ripe or creamy ripe? With our coloured markings on the packaging, you are sure to find the right avocado.


Fruit customer...

SanLucar offers avocados of the Hass variety from November to March from Spain, and from April […]


Country of origin:

SanLucar offers avocados of the Hass variety from November to March from Spain, and from April to October from Peru.


A ripe avocado stays fresh in the fridge longer. An unripe avocado should be kept at room temperature so that it can ripen better.


Tips and special features:

Avocados are very suitable for a large array of dishes. You can eat the fruit all by themselves, use them as a delicious ingredient for tasty salads, conjure a fine guacamole or even a sweet avocado cream. And avocados taste delicious in green smoothies, too.


The avocado tree – which reaches up to 15 meter high – originates from southern Mexico. In Central America, the fruit has been greatly appreciated for over 10,000 years.

Vitamin E (mg/100g) 3,5 mg
Kalium (mg/100g) 550 mg
Calcium (mg/100g) 14 mg
Magnesium (mg/100g) 25 mg
Phosphoro (mg/100g) 49 mg
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Our nutty-creamy energy providers will melt your heart. You can tell the ripeness of our avocados by their sleeve.


Two in one tastes better: That’s why we offer our delicious avocados in two-packs in a sustainable cardboard tray. And the sleeve will show you whether the fruit is firm or creamy-soft.