Are SanLucar products organic?

Are SanLucar products organic?

SanLucar fruits and vegetables are not organic. Nevertheless, our fruits have been repeatedly awarded top marks by independent institutes such as ÖKO-TEST. Because even if our fruits do not bear the organic seal, they are all grown under our particularly strict SanLucar guidelines.

Our Master Growers ensure that our fruit and vegetables grow as naturally as possible. This means that we always use beneficial organisms or other biological means first during the entire growth phase, to fight possible diseases or pest plagues.

Only when the health of the plant is in danger do we use plant protection products – but always in moderate quantities! And only when possible residues are below the strict legal limits will our fruit be harvested. Whether we use crop protection products at all and how much of them we use therefore varies from case to case.

If the growing conditions are ideal, pests and diseases are rare, so that beneficial insects are often sufficient.

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