My Favourite Sweet Strawberries

My Favourite Sweet Strawberries

There are strawberries – and there are the delicious strawberries from SanLucar. This is because for our berries, only the best is good enough – from the climate to the varieties, all the way to the harvest. After all, why would you want less if you can snack on more extravagant flavour and top quality?

Strawberry climate.

Our sunny fruits thrive in Huelva in southern Spain especially well, with mild winters, high humidity and hot summers on low-lime soils.

Strawberry flavour.

For SanLucar, only the sweetest and most intensively aromatic varieties are grown.

Strawberry experience.

Master Grower Genaro Gómez is devoted to taking care of the plants and makes sure they have ideal conditions.

Strawberry harvest.

On the field, the sugar content of the fruit is tested before only the ripe, extra-sweet berries are placed into the punnet by hand and not touched again.

Naturally Strawberries.

For us, it’s just natural: an environmentally and resource-conserving cultivation in harmony with nature. This includes regular checks by quality inspectors.

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