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Why do you pack your fruit in plastic?

Why do you pack your fruit in plastic?

The topic of plastic packaging has been on our minds for quite a while now and we are, of course, working on environmentally friendly alternatives. With our natural paper bag for various types of grape and stone fruit, we have already found a packaging that is mainly made of recyclable material and – with its material structure – protects the fruit. We have conducted various tests with environmentally friendly materials and found that certain fruits are best kept fresh in plastic. That is why we have not yet been able to completely do without plastics.

After all, our fruit has to arrive fresh at your location. The quality of our fruit – as well as the taste – is our top priority. But wherever and whenever possible, we do without plastic.

We also try to use recycled plastic – that is, plastic that has already been in circulation – as far as possible. Nevertheless, we hope to have soon found a substitute for the environmentally harmful plastic, which keeps our fruit nice and fresh.

Incidentally, we off er 72% of our fruit completely unpackaged and we want to increase the share here, as well. In the past four years, we have already been able to save on the use of 687 tonnes of plastic. And if the customer then brings their own cloth bag, all the better! This also saves on an enormous amount of plastic bags. We know these are all small steps, but eventually they become big steps.

As you can see, we are working on saving on even more packaging and using environmentally friendly packaging so that we can sustainably protect both our livelihood and nature.

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