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Good resolutions to eat more fruit?

Good resolutions to eat more fruit?

Three tricks to outsmart my laziness!

OK, then – what have you resolved to do this year? I personally want to do something for my diet and eat more fruit. Probably sounds really simple, but somehow it hasn’t really worked out for me so far. Even though I am really right at the source at SanLucar when it comes to delicious fresh fruit and crisp vegetables. But this year, I can definitely do it! I’m going to reveal my strategy:

  1. Plan!

I’m drawing up a kind of fruit schedule now for each week. Depending on the season, I look for a fruit variety for each day or a combination. So: Monday grapes, Tuesday fresh strawberries, Wednesday an apple and pear salad, Thursday a cantaloupe, etc. As varied as possible, also from a flavour point of view! I then get my daily ration fresh on my way to work. Even if I don’t really feel like exactly that kind of fruit in the morning …

  1. Cut into pieces!

Many people are like me: a whole apple sometimes triggers a kind of biting inhibition. So I cut it into handy bits with the apple slicer. A lemon juice over them, so the slices do not discolour, then place within reach. This, of course, also works with every other fruit: in the morning, I first cut everything in bite-size pieces and place it all deliciously on a plate. In this way, I reach for it more and more often than with fruit in its original format!

  1. Motivate!

I hang a very simple annual calendar where I can see it several times a day. For every day I have reached my »5 Handfuls Fruits and Vegetables«, I draw a fat red heart. I read somewhere recently that this method has proven itself as the best in a scientific experiment. No wonder, when you can always see at a glance how much good you are doing and how proud you can be of yourself! And tastes good, too!

I already have two fruity hearts and today is only January the 5th – it works, you see!