This is how kids love fruit and vegetables

This is how kids love fruit and vegetables

Familiar with this? At the kids’ birthday parties, the little ones all flock to the plate of gummy bears like there’s no tomorrow, while the well-meant little dishes with the carrots, peppers and cucumber bits are totally ignored. But how do you get children to eat and enjoy fruits and vegetables? We have a few little tricks for supplying the kids with the necessary portion of vitamins and minerals.



Children are curious: take them shopping and let them discover the great variety of fruit and vegetables. If they are allowed to pick them out themselves, that’s even better. You can wash, cut and taste them together at home. The best-case, of course, is if the little ones are really hungry.

Prepare them themselves: put an apron on your little on and cook with them! From vegetables soup, ratatouille to risotto everything is good! Because what the kids have prepared themselves will definitely taste twice as good to them. So get out the pots!

Oven vegetable: How about home-made chips? Simply cut the potatoes into small pieces, mix with oil, salt and herbs, place them on a baking tray, bake for about 20 to 30 minutes.

Vegetables from the oven often taste more mild with a slightly sweetish touch fit the child’s taste better.
Secretly slip them veggies: How do you do it? Very easily. You may, for example, add a few diced peppers and carrot pieces to their tomato sauce. This freshly rounds off the taste.

For small children, try to purify a few peas or carrots into the mashed potatoes, perhaps even a little pumpkin or cauliflower do well, too.
Pizza Deluxe: If you don’t make the crust out of white flour, but of wholemeal flour and top it with plenty of fresh vegetables, even a pizza makes a healthy meal.
Children love popsicles: simply fill high-quality fruit juices, smoothies or pureed fruit into ice moulds and freeze them. A few hours later the children can eat healthy vitamins.
Be creative: vegetable dishes can be used to create imaginative figures, faces or artistic patterns. So the kids’ side dishes become much more interesting.
This is how supplying kids with important vitamins will work! Have fun trying these ideas and above all, Bon Appetit!

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