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What fruits should I eat if I’m breastfeeding?

What fruits should I eat if I’m breastfeeding?

The fact that children are especially close to our hearts goes without saying. But did you know that you can never start early enough with the right diet? Just as during pregnancy, the same goes for breastfeeding: 5 a day! This is because fruit and vegetables provide your baby with many important minerals and vitamins that it needs to grow into a real bundle of joy.


But the fact is that some tolerate acidic fruits better than others. And this is no different for babies. Therefore, you should not exclude any fruit per se, but test what is good for you and your child with care.

The concern that your offspring might not tolerate something is usually unfounded. However, we have carefully written down the varieties that are most likely to lead to flatulence or allergic reactions: celery, radish, radish, leek, shallots, beans, sauerkraut, peppers and peppers. In the same way, garlic, asparagus and intensive herbs, which could change the taste of your mother’s milk, should be deleted from the shopping list. Also, you may have to do without acidic fruits like orange, grapefruit, pineapple, kiwi or sour apples at first.

However, the fruits that can be tolerated by the vast majority of babies without any problems are avocado, mango, papaya, sweet apples and pears, bananas and melons. You can also nibble on some of the vegetables: because lettuces or carrots, zucchini, aubergine, mushrooms and potatoes are definitely candidates that will not only taste good to you now!