Simply eat a healthy breakfast

Simply eat a healthy breakfast

Enjoy the most important meal of the day to the fullest

All too often, I’ve wondered why I had such a hard time getting going in the morning. Even with coffee. Now I know. It was because of my breakfast. Croissants with nut-nougat cream. The pure sugar supplied fast energy, but it only lasted briefly. Then I fell into a deep hole. So I changed my early morning diet and now, I could uproot trees out in the morning.

Of course, I was also aware of the saying: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But I didn’t take it too seriously because my beloved nut-nougat cream had been with me since my childhood. But it was clear I had to change something. The sweet breakfast was so delicious, but it always left me tired in the morning. And on the scale, the needle was always pointing upwards. Now I enjoy my healthy and delicious breakfast, and my fatigue attacks are long gone.

My freshly squeezed orange juice has turned into a real morning ritual. When shopping, I’m always careful to only choose the citrus fruits that are really suitable for pressing. Fortunately, this is now on the packaging. My fear of hyperacidity or even heartburn was completely unfounded. Fruit is generally alkaline metabolised, even citrus fruits. That is why I like to eat grapes, pineapples, apples, mangos and papayas or clementines and nectarines for breakfast, or I make myself a fruit salad. My digestion runs at full speed and the bioactive substances in the fruit supply me with a lot of energy.

At least three times a week I eat a cereal. When shopping, you have to be quite careful. Most flakes and muesli are extremely sugary. Only unsweetened cereals with a high proportion of oat or cereal flakes – including nuts – make sense.

My Super Tip: Cereal tastes much better if your add some delicious fresh fruit.

The other days I now eat whole grain products instead of calorie-rich buns or croissants. The dark bread and whole grain baked goods not only provide energy, but also valuable vitamins and fibre. These leave me feeling full for a long time. Just two slices of rye mix-bread provide one-fifth of the daily requirement, which is recommended to keep the digestive system on its toes. The valuable ingredients of dark bread and whole grain baked goods, however, need a sufficient supply of liquid to be effective. That’s where the freshly squeezed orange juice comes in. Do you remember? If milk is included, your healthy breakfast is then perfect.

Get the figure you want with fruit and vegetables